Is it worth bothering, as my dog will never sit long enough for a photo?

We understand that every dog is different. Some dogs are just angels and others are not obedient at all. But every dog is welcomed and every dog can be worked with. Your dog may or may not listen to sit or stay and that is OK! We have fast cameras and your pup does not have to be quiet or stay still the whole session. If they are anxious, we will spend some extra time with your dog to make sure he's comfortable around us and our cameras. Having a chance to get to know more about your dog’s uniqueness is one of the reasons your pre-session consultation is so important.

What if the weather isn’t good?

Unfortunately, the weather is something we can't control. But that doesn't mean that the sun has to shine on the day of your shoot. In fact, most of the time, a cloudy sky can be a great advantage in getting great photos. But obviously, if the weather really doesn't allow us to do the session, an alternative date will be arranged. We always check the weather the day before your session and will get in touch with you to confirm.

How can you get nice pictures when my dog can't be trusted off lead?

The safety of our furry clients is our number one priority during our session. If your dog needs to stay on the lead, this is not a problem. All leads can be magically removed during post-processing. And remember, if you feel your dog is much more comfortable in their own garden, that’s where we can do your photo shoot.

What are the print options?

What are the print options?
We will invite you to our home studio about 3 weeks after the session, so you can choose your favourite images. We have a wide selection of wall arts and other products available. You will have the opportunity to see, touch, hold and feel everything we have in our range. We will work with you to create something that fits perfectly into your home.